Hitler 's Influence On The World War II

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When it comes to the political activity of Hitler, there is a lot that can be said about all of the horrific things he did and stood behind. However, in order to fully understand why he did the things he did, we must first understand his beliefs. For quite a long time, the entire world has been gripped by the cruel horror of Nazism as well as the Holocaust atrocities. Hitler, the German military leader, initiated myriad fascist policies that gave birth to immense atrocities including the mass murder of close to 6 million Jews as well as the death of 11 million people during the World War 2 (Pauley, Bruce F). Since his death, virtually all the sectors of German economy have been tarnished, the fact that further cements the ruthlessness of…show more content…
During this time, his major inspiration was Benito Mussolini of Italy. During the same period, Hitler wrote the Mein Kampf. Foremost, Hitler showed unmatched hatred to the Jews people, communists, as well as other minor groups (Shepley). The hatred he had was so much that he viewed these individuals as the enemy of Germany and saw the need to eliminate them from the country. The Aryan people, he thought, was the race that was destined to rule other people. Consequently, Hitler saw the need and called for strong leadership to take Germany to the place it belonged, a place he saw was unrightfully snatched away after the end of the First World War. For the German dictator, the supposed superiority of one race over another is an underlying force in the society in the entire time of history. As a result of the perceived differences, there was tension between the races, something that continued to be a significant driving in the history of Hitler 's rule over Germany. It was unlike the idea of Marx that put forward the idea of economics as the driving force in history. Hitler’s perception of history evolving to a higher level was that there was the need for the Aryan race to be dormant over the rest of the world’s races. According to him, there was no other proper race in German other than the Aryan, and his ultimate mission was to promote the interest of the Germans to the exclusion of the rest of the races, with war being the primary tool in that effort. At other times,
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