Hitler 's Influence On The World War II

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World War II is believed to have resulted from many causes; however Hitler’s rise to power is assumed to have had a significant impact on the outbreak. Adolf Hitler was leader of the Nazi party, and his efforts to transform Germany’s society into one based on race resulted in Holocaust and world war. Using his position as Chancellor Hitler created a legal dictatorship. Not anyone could have seized power in Germany at that time. During Germany’s economic crisis, Hitler used his personal traits and propaganda to gain support and rise to power. This can be seen through Hitler’s beliefs and ideologies, the conditions in Germany, his personal traits and his use of propaganda.

Hitler’s prior life modelled his beliefs and plans to transform
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In 1921 Hitler became Nazi party chairman (Adolf Hitler Biography, 2015). He was well known for his speeches against the Treaty, Jews, Marxists and rival politicians. Hitler wrote the first volume of Mein Kampf (My Struggle) as shown in Source A; explaining his plans for Germans society, whilst serving a year in prison for treason. Hitler’s plans were to create the master race, made up of only Aryans and German blooded, although he was neither.

Hitler used Germany’s economic crisis to his advantage in order to rise to power. Germany’s economy was in a great state prior to WWI, but at its conclusion the economy was a catastrophe. As a result of the Treaty of Versailles shown in Source B, Germany had to pay huge reparations to their Allies. But when Germany went broke the French and Belgium troops invaded taking raw materials and resources. Germany attempted to pay striking workers by printing more money, but hyperinflation wiped out the value of their savings. For a while there Germany’s economy was looking up again, they borrowed money and unemployment was reduced, but then the Wall Street Crash occurred. Unemployment had badly affected over 20million people, they were willing to turn to extremist parties like Hiter and the Nazis (The Holocaust Explained, 2011). The Germans were fed up with the terrible times and there despair turned them to
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