Hitler 's Influence On The World War II

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Some of the greatest totalitarian leaders before Hitler’s time looted art such as Napoleon the past emperor over the french. One of the most grueling actions Hitler took during World War II was the looting of art. Hitler stole art for his own selfish reasons and, it was the brave Monuments Men who helped restore and recover the missing artwork before the invasion of the axis powers although a lot of the work was lost during the war. It is estimated that over 650,000 pieces, one fifth of Europe’s artwork was stolen by the Nazi’s during World War II . Hitler was a fascist who wanted to be in power and have control of everything, Hitler stole art for his own selfish reasons . Hitler was an art collector and artist before he came into power, his medium was watercolors and he generally painted a very technical style of architecture but, were just copies of other artist’s work and very bland. Hitler was denied a seat at The Vienna Academy of Arts twice because he was an amateur artist and unoriginal. Hitler execrated modern style art like, impressionism, surrealism, expressionism, abstract expressionism, and cubism. Famous artists such as Picasso, Paul Klee, Emil Nolde, Franz Marc, and Raffaello Sanzio used this method in their artwork. This style of art was considered ‘Degenerate’ by Hitler and his followers. Hitler believed that jewish people were the successors of this type of art style that Hitler proclaimed as an expression to overturn the germans but “only six of
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