Hitler 's Influence On World War II

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential people in the interwar era. His actions during the interwar era caused World War II, which had enormous impacts on almost every country in the world. There are three reasons why he gained so much influence in Germany. First of all people were disappointed in the current German government and wanted a change. Secondly, Hitler and his Nazi party were similar in ideology to the majority of people and finally he was a great orator who used his similarity to the rest of the German people to help his party grow and to help himself become dictator. Most people were dissatisfied with the current German government for several reasons. One was that they had surrendered to the Allies when their leaders had been telling them that they were winning World War I. The other was that they felt that the terms of the surrender were excessively harsh. Because they did not know that they were losing when they heard the government was suing for peace, they expected the terms to be equal, not to be completely in favor of the Allies. They also felt that even with the war reparations the government should have been doing more to help them out and not to hyperinflate their currency. One way Hitler’s ideology was similar to most people was in the fact that he blamed Jews for Germany’s problems. Jews had been a favorite scapegoat of people ever since the Black plague. It was not a new concept for the Germans to blame the Jews for their problems. For this
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