Hitler 's Political Tactics Of The Late 19th Century

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To What Extent Were Hitler’s Political Tactics in the 1930s and 1940s as Successful as Bismarck’s Political Tactics in the Late 19th Century?

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Table of Contents
Title Page 1
Abstract 2
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 4
Bismarck’s Success as a Politician 5
Hitler’s Successes as a Politician 7
Success in Creating Allies 8
Successful Use of Foreign Policies and Politics 10
Hitler’s Ultimate Failure and Bismarck’s Success 12
Conclusion 13

Bismarck and Hitler were both extremely influential leaders in history who had strong impacts on politics in Germany. They both dramatically changed the future of Germany and had lasting impacts that are still evident in today’s world. They are both prominent figures in history that have left a significant mark on it especially with their political tactics. Bismarck was an important politician in the mid to late 1800s who was at the head of German affairs. He instigated a series of wars to unify the German states into one nation. Hitler was also an influential politician who helped to lead Germany out of a economic depression but also lead them into a disastrous world war. They used their political maneuvers and tactics to outsmart…
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