Hitler 's Propaganda And Grand Speeches

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In Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” he goes into great and lengthy detail of his plans to gain control of the German state through manipulation and coercion. His plans included the utilization of well crafted propaganda and grand speeches that targeted feelings of hatred, anger, and fear in the intended audience. These methods all worked incredulously on the older generations in Germany, quickly making the Nazis the largest political party in Germany by the beginning of the 1930’s. However, their most successful tactic in securing the cooperation of the German people was the creation of a youth organization called Hitler Youth, a scout like program designed to turn young Germans into militants through thinly guised activities. On November 9th, 1923 …show more content…

They also held large gatherings where they played on the Germans sense of nationalism by utilizing “ patriotic music, German flags, party banners, uniformed members, and special lighting effects”.7 Hitler put great emphasis on the propaganda and speeches because he believed “ It was necessary to implant the national idea within the masses of the people”8 in order to further the parties mission . At these gatherings the speakers were armed with information on the political atmosphere of each audience and trained to coax emotions out of them using generalities about the party’s goals for the state.9 Those goals included making the lower-middle-class the priority, making sure the working class were protected as well as widowed mothers and their children, and improving the economic atmosphere through lowering and abolishing taxes and tariffs.10 The Party in essence portrayed themselves as the “defenders of the middle classes”.11
In 1933 the efforts of the party pay off when Hitler is asked to become Chancellor of the German state, ultimately bringing the Nazis to power. The existing government fully expects him to fail in the position, assuming he is nothing but a slick talking conman who will be unable to uphold any promises he made. Because of their prejudice they greatly limit the power of the newly placed chancellor. A month later on February 27, 1933 the Reichstag, the German parliament building, was set on fire by an arsonist. Hitler used this tragedy to his

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