Hitler 's Responsibility Of The Holocaust

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II. Investigation
Adolf Hitler is very much known for his barbaric deed and responsibility of the Holocaust-- possibly the most disturbing and most horrifying event to be recorded in history. The holocaust systematically killed over six million Jewish people, including over 1.5 million children that were victimized through a number of arguments that many believed was the cause for the destruction. It is difficult to conclude an overriding reason why the holocaust happened, although it is argued, however, that the imminent effect of the psychological state of mind of Hitler, along with the German citizens at the time, had a massive effect on what happened and what could have been prevented. Hitler’s anger and the country’s general
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The issue of Hitler’s psychological abnormality and the cause being has many believed that it also stems from him being rejected twice to his dream school, the Academy of Arts in Vienna. He has been raised with the constant influence of anti-semitic beliefs and many believed that a staggering amount of Jewish people who were in power during the time had a lot of impact whether he would have been accepted to his dream school or not-- this obviously made him dislike the general Jewish population more than he already did. However, it is not just Hitler’s psychological state of mind that enabled him to commit barbaric and inhumane acts of aggression towards millions of Jewish people, but also the German citizens’ defeated and worn out feelings that also allowed for the horrendous acts to be committed. This is due to the fact that Germany lost the First World War and were deemed to be responsible for the reparations that totalled to 132 billion gold marks, or over $33 billion US dollars, and with this plus the fitful psychological state of mind of the dictator himself, Hitler and the Germans sought out for revenge and found the Jewish population as the main target to place their rage. The idea of using the Jewish population as the scapegoat for their
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