Hitler 's Rise Of Power

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Kekoa Blair Amanda Dibella English 10 MYP5 Hugh Jazz 14 March 2016 Hitler 's Rise to Power Hitler 's rise to power was greatly facilitated by his social mind with a theoretically high IQ of around 150 in the top 0.1% of everyone in the world. This large amount of intelligence can help him out think and keep himself one step ahead of everyone near him keeping his plans in clear site without the anyone the wiser. Hitler used two major skills to get power: persuasive rhetoric and cleverly worded statements to cover lies and a fake reality for his citizens. He constantly capitalized on anything that would benefit his cause like the great unemployment rates across Germany and recruited many unsuspecting people for his bidding. Hitler 's reign was during a large economic depression, a hard spot for the country as a whole with around 30% unemployment in 1932. In 1933 Hitler ran in an electoral campaign. He promised, “that if he gained power he would abolish unemployment” (Simkin). This is a large deal because a total abolishment of unemployment, that caa not totally completable because people will always lose jobs in a normal society. This promise sounded hopeful for any lower class person with jobs at risk with promises to large to be true. This was promised at the bottom before the unemployment started rebounding and was very promising for the average worker with lowering pays and risk of losing their jobs always looming over them. Hitler did deliver on his promise shrinking the
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