Hitler 's Way Of Running Germany

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In 1933 the Nazis took over Germany under the command of their dictator Adolf Hitler. The Nazis and Adolf Hitler changed the way Germany was governed and how people lived their lives. Hitler’s way of running Germany was viewed differently by different groups of people. Although the Nazis specifically targeted Jewish citizens, socialists and political enemies, the changes that were made effected all Germans. Hitler is viewed differently by different groups of people and his unjust actions were documented by many Germans. The majority of the German population did not agree with Hitler’s actions but were passive followers to the very vocal minority’s propaganda. Hitler was a powerful speaker and he used that to…show more content…
Eisenhower. Hitler had a strong hatred against Jews. When Germany lost the first world war, Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews. In order to get rid of the Jews, Hitler made laws to exclude Jews. These laws were known as the Nuremberg Laws and were passed in 1935. Some laws included the “exclusion of Jews from public forums” (Saldinger, A.G. (2000) Life in a Nazi concentration camp. San Diego: Lucent Books.) and forced allotted shopping times. Many of the laws were impossible to follow. Hitler had designed these laws to do just that. He wanted the laws to be hard to follow so that a large portion of the Jewish population would be arrested. When they were arrested they were sent to camps. Even though these laws were hard to follow some people still managed to follow all of them. Those who followed all the laws were still punished, they were sent to ghettos where disease spread fast, living areas were overcrowded and there was little food. There were various camps that all had different purposes. The most widely known camps are concentration camps, forced labor camps, and death camps. These camps were meant to concentrate the population and maintain order through fear and brutality. The Germans also targeted other groups of people including socialists, homosexual people, and anyone who did not agree with the way that Nazis ran the country. In all about “eleven million people were killed during the Holocaust.” (
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