Hitler's Background And Leadership Of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler's background and leadership
Having the skills to be a leader is probably one of the hardest of skills that people have to learn to run a country. However, this does not apply for Adolf Hitler due to him having the skill of giving excellent speeches as well as having the proper evidence to back up his claims. These events happened after WWI so Germany was in a total economic collapse due to the Treaty of Versailles and the people were desperate to be saved from the rules they had to abide by. Hitler was a Corporal during WWI after being promoted due to his whole squad dying from an explosion, he started telling other soldiers during and after the war that there were no people of the Jewish religion on the battlefront therefore turning him against them and into a anti-semitic dictator. Some could say that his leadership was not as/or of significance compared to the treaty or that he was getting help from policies. Hitler's leadership was of excellent significance at this time and could be seen as having many events leading to this such as how the Weimar Republic failed to satisfy the people due to the depression therefore causing it to collapse, he could put the blame for Germany's problems on specific social groups such as the Jews, and how he promised to solve Germany's problems by doing what the people wanted.
Was he really that significant? Others that protest against Hitler's may use excuses such as or that relate to the fact that he basically had problems occur
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