Hitlers Black Sheep

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Hitler’s passionate hate for Jewish people led to the darkest time in history, the Holocaust. Millions of innocent people become victims at the hands of Hitler, Ellie Wiesel, was one of the many. Wiesel, a famous Holocaust survival, wrote about his experience as a prisoner in Auschwitz. He endeared several years of physical and mental torment. In his time as a prisoner he questioned his faith in God exclaiming, “ I’ve got more faith in Hitler than in anyone else. He’s the only one who’s kept his promises” (Wiesel 77). As Germany’s leader, Hitler took it upon himself to attack the Jewish population, making him infamously unforgettable. Adolf Hitler was Germany’s worst leader because he placed millions of people in inhumane situations,…show more content…
Although many people say the Hitler brought Germany back from the ruins of World War 1, he did it at the expense of innocent people. He was using the Jewish people as slaves. His rise to power was built on immorality and cruelty, nothing that a self respecting leader should be proud of. Hitler proves to be Germany’s worst leader by being inhumane to millions of people. Secondly, Hitler was Germany’s worst leader because he sentenced millions to death. As Hitler continued to conquer Europe he came to a solution for his Jewish prisoners. During the 1942 Wannsee Conference Hitler declared the Final Solution it established that all Jews were to be exterminated (Bard 78). Hitler’s decision affected millions of innocent lives. His intense hate for Jewish people was so overpowering that, “The campaign to to eliminate the Jews become top priority, at times seeming to be more important to Hitler than winning the war” (Bard 78). Hitler initiated a genocide on Jews. As the leader of an expanding country in war Hitler lost focus at a crucial time. He let himself be blinded by his his bloody vision of mass murder. Hitler’s ultimate demise was handling too much at once. He got too greedy and lost sight of his overall goal and the well being of his country. In the end as many as ten thousand Jews were being murdered in the most destructive stage of the Final Solution (Marrus 184). Although Hitler did not personally kill every single victim he ordered his SS officers to
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