Hitler's Decision To Kill The Jews

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In the year 1938, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, he thought that he could settle in peace at Munich, but after realizing that it was a mistake he turned the war toward France and Britain, after he couldn’t make peace with Poland, he wanted to destroy it. On August 23, 1939, to ensure that the Soviet Union does not interfere with his plans to conquer Poland. Hitler wanted to deny the truth of communism and signed a Nazi-Soviet-Non Aggression Pact with premier Joseph Stalin, in which they both agreed to divide up northern and eastern Europe between them. On September 1,1939, 1.5 million German troops with thousands of tanks and armored vehicles invaded Poland from the, north, south and west. Hitler ordered his armies” to kill without mercy, men, women, and children of the polish race or language.”…show more content…
The word holocaust was described as a sacrifice offering burned on an altar; it was also the persecution and planned slaughter for all the Jewish people who were caught during ruling of Hitler. When Hitler began killing all the Jews, the word holocaust became the horrible meaning for, the mass murder of 6 million Jews. “To the Nazi leader Hitler, Jews were an inferior race, an align threat to German racial purity and community.” After many years of being ruled by the Nazi in Germany, during which many Jews were persecuted, Hitler’s “Final Solution,” now known as the Holocaust, came to relization under the cover of world war, with huge killing centers constructed in concentration camps in Poland. Before the horrible slaughter of the Jews, there was a law passed on September 15, 1935, which was called the Nuremberg law, this law was made to eliminate all Jews from their normal life. Which took away their right to citizenship, and their right for marriage was prohibited. Then further laws were made against Jews, prohibiting them to
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