Hitler's Promises to the German People

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This essay intends to explore Hitler’s promise of a better future to the German people, and how important it was to the growth in Nazi support up to 1933. This essay will discuss how accurate the view that this promise was what caused the support for the Nazis to grow. There are many things which affected the growth in Nazi popularity and this is what will be discussed in this essay. In 1928 there was a low support for the Nazi party, they only held 12 seats in the Reichstag, but by 1930 the Nazi party had 108 seats. At this time Germany had just been humiliated at Versailles and it was facing extreme Economic ruin in 1923. Germany Suffered invasion and occupation 1923 from France. Germany was going through political violence and …show more content…
Hitler persuaded people that this is the truth and that the people running Germany are the ones to blame for all of its problems. Hitler was a fantastic speaker, and captivated the crowds, once they were under his spell, he could make them believe whatever he wanted them to believe, this is another way Hitler gained support, he used his speaking skills to persuade people to believe him, and turn against the government in power. Hitler wanted to return to the old Germany in some ways. By saying this he gained popularity with sympathisers of the ‘old’ Germany, they liked the idea of a brighter future with echoes of the past. When the armistice was signed the German army was in retreat but no foreign troops had set foot on German soil. German nationalists, like Hitler, were unable to come to terms with the reality of Germany’s defeat. Hitler claimed that the German army was never beaten in the field. It was betrayed by the ‘November Criminals’; the socialists, pacifists and the Jews who staged the revolution and stabbed the ‘heroic’ army in the back. The army was then allowed to return to Germany, and march through the
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