Hitler's Rise to Fame

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Hitler’s Rise to Fame Erin McDermott English 10 Mrs. Swain February 5, 2010 Hitler’s Rise to Fame I.) Hitler Enters Politics a. German Workers Party b. Promotion c. Succeeding d. Speeches e. Recruits II.) Rallies a. Blame b. Growth III.) Beer Hall a. Planning b. Take Over c. Kidnap d. Speech IV.) Trial a. Jailed b. Special Prisoner c. Trial Time d. Verdict e. Time In Prison V.) Bringing The Group Back a. Name Change b. Start to gather new troops c. Campaign d. Votes and Seats VI.) Presidency a. Run for Office b. Campaign c. Slogan d. Final Results VII.) Reichstag On Fire a.…show more content…
Hitler used General Ludendorff to convince the three to join. Soon afterwards the three slipped out and reported Hitler to police. Hitler’s revolution had failed before it had a chance to live. Hitler became frantic and hid at his friends the Hanfstaengls where he was arrested three nights later (www.Historyplace.com/putsch). On April 24th he was sent to Landsberg prison. He was treated unlike other prisoners. He was allowed guests whenever he wanted, he got his own private room and McDermott 3 secretary and he received gifts. His trial was also unlike others. He was able to defend himself if he wished, cross examine witnesses and do what he wanted. His trial was more for propaganda than anything else. Hitler declared the reason behind his actions was that “There is no treason against the traders of 1918(www.historyplace.com/trialfortreason). His verdict was guilty. The possible sentence he should have gotten was life. He got off with five years and possible parole in 6 months. Other Nazi leaders got easy sentences as well (Rossel). The book Mein Kampf served as a blueprint for future actions. Mein Kampf also would unofficially become a bible of sorts to the Germans (Rossel). Once out of prison Hitler's troops gathered back around. It was time for him to start expanding. The first thing he did was to rename the group. he renamed the part "the National Socialist German Workers
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