Hitler's Rise to Power

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Hitler’s rise to power was not inevitable. It depended heavily on a range of factors, events and circumstances that were occurring at the time. The most important of these being, the collapse of the German economy, the failed beer hall putsch and the weakness and infighting of the Weimar Republic. It was only through a combination of these unlikely circumstances that Hitler was able to come to power.
One of the key events that allowed Hitler to come to power was the collapse of the German economy. Primarily due to the harsh conditions of The Treaty of Versailles the German economy was always precariously close to falling apart. It managed to survive an extreme amount of hyperinflation in the early 1920’s, wherein “money became
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(Geary, 2000 pg 21) Without this incentive to vote for the Nazi party, Hitler may never have come to power.
Another significant event in Hitler’s journey to power was the Beer Hall putsch. The Beer Hall putsch was an attempt by the Nazi party to gain control of the government by force. It is widely regarded as a total failure with 16 stormtroopers being killed and Hitler being sent to prison for High Treason (Kitson, 2001 pg 120). It was during his nine months in prison that Hitler was able to reflect upon the fortunes of the Nazi party, coming to the conclusion that if he were to ever become leader of Germany it would have to be through gathering electoral support rather than through sheer force. (Kitson, 2001 pg 120) He also made several other important decisions that would greatly impact the future of the party and ultimately allow Hitler to come to power, such as deciding that strict organisation was necessary and a larger geographical base would distinguish the party from other Nationalist groups, as well as concluding that the Fuhrer’s will need to dominate completely to enable the Nazi’s to appear united (Kitson, 2001 pg 120). The Beer Hall putsch although a failure, made Hitler realise

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