Hitler's Rise to Power

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First off I am going to talk about Hitler’s service in world war one. While Hitler served in world war one he had some of the best luck nearly every attack he was involved in Hitler would always somehow escape. In one of his first engagements 2500 of the 3000 men in Hitler’s unit where either killed or missing and somehow Hitler managed to escape with no scratches. During his service Hitler served as a dispatch runner bringing message from the command post to the front lines. During one of his message runs on October 7 1916 Hitler was wounded by shell fragmentation and was sent back to Germany to be hospitalized. After recovery Hitler decided to go sightseeing in Germany while he was there he saw that there was a wide-spread anti-war…show more content…
Hitler filed a lawsuit for liability and won the case with a small settlement. After the lawsuit the issue was brought to vote and Hitler was named chairman of the party with 543 votes and only one no the announcement was made on July 29 1921 that Hitler was to be Fuher of the Nazi Party. Lastly I will discuss the election of the Nazi party into politics. In the 1930s Hitler and the Nazi party launched a massive campaign unlike anything the German people have seen. Hitler traveled around the country delivering dozens of speeches, attending meetings, shaking hands, signing autographs, posing for pictures, and kissing babies. In his campaign Hitler offered something to everyone work for unemployed, prosperity to failed business men, profits to industry, expansion of the army, social harmony, end of class distinction in students, and the reinstatement of former German glory. Along with these offerings Hitler promised to the people he would bring order to among the chaos, a chance to belong, he would make Germany strong again and end reparations to the allies, tear up the treaty of Versailles, stomp out corruption, and keep down Marxism and to deal with the Jews in a harsh manner. When he took charge he quickly set to work to disband the democratic government, Nazis barged into government building removing government members and replacing them with their own, and Hitler had these political

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