Hitler’s Roots in Darwin One would agree that the Nazi holocaust actually happened and was

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Hitler’s Roots in Darwin One would agree that the Nazi holocaust actually happened and was devastatingly tragic. It is also not a very great jump of faith to realize that one of the many factors that produced the holocaust and possibly World War II was the belief in survival of the fittest and if the fit were to survive as part of evolutionary progress the weak must be eliminated. Hitler and his supporter’s motives are very hard to diagnose. As the title of this paper suggests, the role of Darwin’s eugenics played a significant role. Darwinism warranted and sought the Nazi views on both race and war. It is mind boggling to understand that if the Nazi party, and Hitler in particular, held firm in the belief that all peoples were descendants…show more content…
Those documents go a long way to validate and prove the previous statement. Many in the Nazi movement, especially Hitler, believed that Darwinism could improve mankind, especially with so many “inferior” Jews about. Tenenbaum noted that the political philosophy of Germany was built on the belief that critical for evolutionary progress was: ‘ … struggle, selection, and survival of the fittest, all notions and observations arrived at … by Darwin … but already in luxuriant bud in the German social philosophy of the nineteenth century. … Thus developed the doctrine of Germany’s inherent right to rule the world on the basis of superior strength … [of a] “hammer and anvil” relationship between the Reich and the weaker nations.’4 Hitler was a man with an ego larger than any room he ever entered. He viewed himself as a contemporary day messiah. He was rooted in this belief because of his unwavering commitment that Darwinian evolution was true. He actually saw himself as the galactic breeder of all humankind. The scary part of all this is that Hitler was not considered amoral. Rather, he was so twisted in his beliefs he was considered scary moral if you will. He thought he could bring humanity up to a higher level of evolutionary development, his level. Finally, all the information is boiled down to this: one must decide if Darwinism is true or not. If it is, then Hitler was our Christ and we have killed him. Or, what Hitler
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