Hitler's Story Essay

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Hitler's Story Hitler became chancellor in January 1933. At this stage he was not the dictator of Germany. The night of the long knives helped him to establish his dictatorship. However, there were other aspects, which helped him extend his control. As soon as Hitler was in power, new elections were called. In the middle of the Reichstag campaign, the Reichstag building went up in flames. It was this, which allowed Hitler to increase his control over Germany. On 27th February the Reichstag caught fire. When they police arrived they found Marinus van der Lubbe on the premises. He confessed to starting the Reichstag Fire. However he denies that he was part of a Communist conspiracy.…show more content…
And effectively allow him to establish a dictatorship. The Nationalists were prepared to support him in this, but even then Hitler wouldn’t have the two thirds of the votes needed. After he got his enabling act, the Reichstag had in effect voted itself out of existence. It had voted to introduce a Nazi dictatorship. Now that Hitler had dictorial powers, he proceeded to extend his control further. Hitler banned political parties. This law gave Hitler what he wanted - a ban on the Communists and Socialists taking part in an election campaign. The leaders from both parties were arrested and their newspapers were shut down. To 'keep the peace' and maintain law and order, the roamed the streets beating up those who openly opposed Hitler. Hitler solemnly promised that the laws would only be used for emergencies, but within months Germany's trade unions. Were also banned. By 1934, there was only one major organisation not under Hitler’s control. And that was the Army. The army leadership were supported by big businesses. The army was totally opposed to being taken over by the SA and was very suspicious of Ernst Rohm. The SA was a
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