Hitler's Transition

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Adolph Hitler went from an aspiring artist to the world’s most powerful leader in 15 years, my report will tell you how and why. Hitler was the German leader from 1934-1945, and he started WWII after invading Poland in 1939. Hitler was one of the most powerful humans ever. Hitler’s early years, transition into a political life, and his road to power contributed to his reign during WWII.
Throughout Hitler’s early life many things helped mold him into what he would become in the future.One thing that helped was;“Hitler was born in Braunau on the Inn, Austria, near that country's border with Germany in 1889. His father, Alois, was an alcoholic who had only recently been legitimized by Hitler's grandfather when Hitler was born”(“Overview of Adolph HItler”). Hitler was born an Austrian Citizen and was never close with his father.Another reason was; “Hitler also began to be interested in politics, often getting into arguments in cafes with Marxists”.(“Overview of Adolph Hitler”). These arguments helped form his hate for jews, as they were usually the ones who he was arguing with.Probably the most important
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“He also frequently observed the Austrian Parliament in session at the capital, and developed contempt not only for its inefficiency, but for democracy itself.”(“Hitler,Adolf”). this is what fueled his reason for being a dictator. “After the war, Hitler continued working for the German Army, infiltrating political groups and reporting on them. One he found to his own liking was then called the German Workers' Party” “(Overview of Adolph Hitler”).The GWP later became the Nazi’s. This was the control group in Germany led by Hitler. “He was also instrumental in changing the group's name in 1920 to the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or, as it more commonly came to be known, the Nazi Party.”(“Overview of Adolph Hitler”).The Nazi party was the control group in Germany led by
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