Hitler's Youngsters

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All single and married women up to the age of thirty-five who do not already have four children should be obligated to produce four children by radically pure, German men.” This statement was made by Hitler’s government in 1933 that became a further law in Germany. Analyzing this argument it’s possible to say that Hitler Youth movement started before the birth of the child. In this essay I will discuss the methods that Hitler used to influence the young Germans until the end of the World War II. To analyze this topic will be considerable to show several points. I will discuss the people who supported Hitler in his rise to the power as background, how the Nazis used Nazi Propaganda to influence to youngsters, clarify why the young people…show more content…
The importance of the young people for Hitler: First of all, the situation that Germany was facing during the Depression was not easy. For the Germans and for Hitler himself, this situation was one of the worst conditions to live. When Hitler’s ideas appeared in Germany, the people did not think twice but to accept his ideals. Hitler’s aim was to rebuild a new Germany with the discipline that he believed. For this to happen new people would need to appear and for Hitler those new people would be the Germany future, the children. He influenced families to produce more and more children as possible. His objective was to make children believe that he was the father that promises loyalty to them and wished loyalty from them. He made them to believe they were master race, better than anybody else. The Nazi party taught children to be obedience and to be able to make any sacrifice to save the country. In the Hitler Youth movement, created in 1922, each child born had to join an extremely tough military training in preparation for any kind of war. Many children did not know why they were training in that way. Yet for them just the feeling in being proud and brave was enough to continue in their tasks. They enjoyed being the center of attention and the object of the adult desires. We can say that the Nazis system in
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