Hitt, Resonate, And Serp An Innovative Analysis

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When comparing the concepts presented by The Innovator's DNA, Nayar, Hitt, Takacs-Haynes, and Serpa, there were a couple of key concepts the resonated across all viewpoints. Specifically, the concepts of the innovative leader and observing the environment appeared to be common across the board. The Innovator’s DNA argues that an innovative leader helps set the vision and leads the organization in future by influencing change within the target market. Steve Jobs and Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezo are just a couple examples used to demonstrate the importance of an innovative leader setting the stage for their respective organizations. This concept is supported by Nayar, Hitt, Takacs-Haynes, and Serpa in their respective articles. Hitt, Takacs-Haynes, and Serpa resolve that the ability to develop and communicate the leader’s vision has remained vital to the success of an organization over the past decade. Nayar further demonstrates this importance through his description of how he was able to influence change within his own organization by communicating the situation of the company and his observations to his senior managers. He states that he spent his first few weeks meeting with his “senior managers in small groups and larger gatherings”. The concept of observing the environment and understanding the internal and external influences within …show more content…

The concept of hubris and engaging in ethical practices was not stressed by Nayar nor in The Innovator’s DNA text. Hitt, Takacs-Haynes, and Serpa (2010) believe that hubris causes leaders to take unnecessary risk due to their own overconfidence and as a result has led to poor strategic leadership. Additionally, the concept of engaging in ethical practices was also stressed, speciafiaclly the importance of building trust and loyalty in mangers. Neither of these concepts are explored explicitly by the

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