Hitting Rock Bottom Advertisement Analysis

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There are many war conflicts around the world we live in. These wars have led and continue to lead to lots of losses such as human lives, properties, infrastructures, and children are the most affected by these on-going wars. In response to these conflicts, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF) takes the step in helping out the children in these war-torn countries. UNICEF’s “Hitting Rock Bottom” advertisement raises awareness for wealthy parents about Syrian children, and tries to convince them to donate for children struggling in the context of war. Six years ago Syria’s civil war broke out and has torn the country apart. Violent reactions of the Syrian government to peaceful protests led the country into chaos.…show more content…
Since the country is deeply affected by the war, the very basic children rights are destroyed, and according to United Nations, Syria’s civil war have been forced millions of Syrian children to flee their homes to find somewhere else to live. This situation causes them to make long and dangerous journey facing many challenges. As a result, children’s lives and daily existence are constantly under threat in this conflict. Therefore, any donation made to support UNICEF actions would help children in war by providing life-saving assistance, and the protection they need to improve their living…show more content…
The primary audience is wealthy people especially wealthy parents who may be more open to the children suffering. who have to pay the heaviest price of the war. In order to save this cause, the advertisement tries to convince the most relevant audience to do something by generating the feelings of compassion through strong emotion images of children suffering. The child in the foreground clearly demonstrates she is the most important element in the advertisement, and this could have a real impact on parents. For many parents, the view of this picture showing the little girl alone with a frightened facial expression and disheveled appearance would make them feel sympathy towards these Syrian children. As every parent knows, children shouldn't be starving and suffering, they should be helped and taken care of instead. This ad would make parents feel sympathy towards these Syrian children and therefore wealthy parents would be more likely to donate to the cause. So, for many parents, the view of this advertisement showing a little girl alone and affected would make them feel sympathetic towards these suffering Syrian children. The secondary audience would be any individual who can support UNICEF’s actions by making a donation to save these helpless children. Taking into account the fact that the request for donation does not specify the amount,
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