Hitting a Baseball: Is It the Hardest Thing to Do in All of Sports?

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Have you ever wondered how baseball players are able to crush 400 foot homeruns? It takes years and years to perfect a baseball swing to be able to do that. Swinging a bat and hitting a baseball is a lot more difficult than most people think. The pros make it look so easy because they have to perfect many mechanics just to hit a ball hard on the sweet spot of the bat. “Hitting is the single most difficult thing to do in sport.” this coming from Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters of all time. Hitting a baseball requires more mechanical precision compared to other sports (Williams). When baseball first started, the scores would be very low because no one knew how important the mechanics of the baseball swing were. This period of…show more content…
Linear hitting really got started when the bats got lighter and the handles got skinnier. When this change occurred, it made it easier to shorten a player’s swing so he could reach the ball faster. This method also became more popular because it is easy to learn and to replicate. More young hitters are now using it because it teaches a player to get his power from his hands, wrists, and arms. But most kids have problems with this way of thinking because they are looking to hit homeruns. So instead, they drop their hands, swing hard, and then hit the ball straight up. Linear hitting really focuses on getting your hands to the ball and through the ball to make good contact (Jones). The big strong hitters today that look to try and pull the ball and hit for power use the hitting philosophy called rotational hitting. Rotational hitting is turning and pulling the ball. Most of the hitters who use rotational hitting usually do not have high averages. Rotational hitting teaches using your body, mainly the core, to generate more power. The whole goal of rotational hitting is just trying to hit the ball harder. Mike Epstein is most associated with the rotational philosophy and made it popular. If a player is just looking to hit the ball harder and farther, he should probably try rotational hitting (Epstein). Through time, the method of hitting has changed a lot. The two main hitting styles are linear and rotational hitting. From 1920 to 1975, rotational hitting was

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