Hiv / Aids : A Deadly Disease

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Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome, which is popularly known as AIDS is a deadly disease as it attacks and adversely destroys body’s immune system. AIDS is brought about by a virus called Human Immune-Deficiency Virus, better known as HIV. This virus is minute, even invisible to a powerful microscope and can remain in the body for years without showing any visible symptoms. AIDS is the final stage of infection of the virus. It takes a period of about 10 years between being infected with HIV developing AIDS. The first case of AIDS infection in America was detected in 1959. Later, AIDS emerged as a fatal widespread disease in the 1980s in almost all countries in the world. This started with countries like Zambia, France, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Belgium, and many other countries all over the world. In Africa, it was first reported in 1970 in Kinshasa, Congo although it is believed that the epidemic must have started in the 1960s.
HIV is a fast a fatal and rapid spreading disease which if can lead to a massive killing of many people. As per the reports of many international organizations related to health, women and children have been found to be more susceptible to the disease. There has been a record of the highest numbers of AIDS in almost all parts of the world. For instance, in Africa, there were approximately 2000 deaths arising from the AIDS-related complexions in the 1960s. This figure rose tremendously to 70, 000 new…

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