Hiv / Aids : A Virus That Attacks One 's Immune System

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Introduction HIV/AIDS is a virus that attacks one’s immune system, leading to one being immunocompromised and vulnerable to infections (Skolnik, 2012). According to Skolnik (2012), HIV is mainly spread through unprotected sex, through bodily fluids such as blood and can also be transmitted from mother to child through childbirth.
HIV/AIDS remains one of the most highly known communicable diseases in South Africa (Avert, 2015). In addition to the 6.2 million people currently living with HIV, World Health Organization (2015) states that 200,000 lives are claimed every year, and the numbers are constantly rising. South Africa currently still remains the continent most greatly affected by HIV/AIDS (Lewis, 2011). This paper will focus on the aspects of HIV and AIDS in regards to nature of the problem, the affected population and risk factors, as well as the social and economic consequences the country faces with interventions that can be implemented to decrease the transmission of disease.
Nature of the Problem According to World Health Organization (2015), Sub Saharan Africa accounts for over seventy percent of the entire population globally living with HIV/AIDS. Young women living in South Saharan Africa are most affected with HIV/AIDS (Avert, 2015); mainly since young women of reproductive age are vulnerable and cannot protect themselves from HIV (Avert, 2015). In addition, those who are subject to intimate partner violence are also at an increased risk for getting
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