Hiv / Aids : An Unknown Disease

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Emerging in the early 1980s, HIV/AIDS was an unknown disease that spread rapidly throughout the United States. In the beginning not much information was found due to this being a very new disease with a completely unknown background. As decades passed, research has increased as well as the number of cases of people reporting that they are infected. Being that 1 out of every 4 people are infected with HIV/AIDS, this disease has had such an immense impact socially, domestically, as well as politically. Due to this increase in cases, the United States Congress passed the CARE Act (Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act). Named after a young AIDS activist, Ryan White, the CARE Act helps primarily fund health care and support services for people who cannot obtain or afford treatment (“HIV/AIDS in America.”). While getting huge support from both parties, the government is suggesting a revision of the act to also apply to people who are HIV-positive on top of trying to equally distribute funds throughout the country, both urban and rural.
HIV/AIDS is an abysmal disease that has brought up plenty reforms and acts to help contribute and put an end to it. One act in particular is the Ryan White Act or more known as the CARE Act. While this act alone has helped fund millions in research and assist people infected with AIDS who couldn’t afford treatment, the government firmly believes that there should be a revision. The announcement of said revision has caused a lot of arguments…

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