Hiv / Aids : An Unknown Disease

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Emerging in the early 1980s, HIV/AIDS was an unknown disease that spread rapidly throughout the United States. In the beginning not much information was found due to this being a very new disease with a completely unknown background. As decades passed, research has increased as well as the number of cases of people reporting that they are infected. Being that 1 out of every 4 people are infected with HIV/AIDS, this disease has had such an immense impact socially, domestically, as well as politically. Due to this increase in cases, the United States Congress passed the CARE Act (Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act). Named after a young AIDS activist, Ryan White, the CARE Act helps primarily fund health care and support services for…show more content…
While the revision does bring up noticeable and optimistic changes such as the act also being applied to people who are HIV-positive, as well as funds being distributed across the country to rural and urban areas, rebuttals still arise and some senators still oppose this revision. While both sides of the divided senators bring up great points, the question is whether the act should remain the same or should the revision be passed and help contribute to those who are suffering from this dire disease. Being divided on a controversial topic, Senator Mike Enzi, Mary Bono, Nathan Deal, Joe Barton, and Mark Souder are all in favor to pass this revision and move on to continue this battle against HIV/AIDS. All the honorable representatives bring up very interesting point of views on why this reauthorization should be passed. Senator Mike Enzi brings up the point that it is shameful to not include people who are HIV-positive under this act. Doing so will help further contribute to the assistance needed to people who are suffering and can’t afford the proper treatment to help battle both HIV and AIDS. Representative Mary Bono also brings up a very good point saying that, “The CARE Act has for 16 years been a cornerstone of the care, treatment, and support services necessary for the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. It is vitally important to maintain its support and modernize its approach to ensure it
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