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Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) brings a lot of cruel thoughts to an individual’s mind because of the amount of misconceptions about this disease. An example of this would be that there are a lot of people that will say you shouldn’t share a drink with someone who has HIV or AIDS because of the risk of contracting the virus, which is untrue. A person will not contract the virus from sharing a drink, or utensil or even from kissing. Another common misconception is that sharing a razor can also transmit HIV or AIDS. For hygienic purposes sharing a razor is not a good idea in the first place but you cannot contract HIV from doing so. With this being said there are
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Two of the five men had died by the time the report was published, which marks the first official reporting of what became known as the AIDS epidemic. By the end of 1981 there were a cumulative total of 270 reported cases of AIDS among gay men, and 121 of those individuals also died that year. It was not until January 1983 that there were reported cases of AIDS in female sexual partners of males that also had the virus. March 4th in another edition of the Morbidity and Mortality reported that AIDS may be caused by an infectious agent that could be transmitted sexually or through exposure to blood and also provided recommendations for preventing transmission. Finally in September 1983 the CDC identified all the major routes of HIV transmission and ruled out transmission by casual contact, food, water, air, or environmental surface. By 1986 more than 38000 cases of AIDS or HIV have been reported from 85 different countries. A year later the first drug was approved for treating AIDS, which was called ATZ. Shockingly it was estimated that by 1990 8 million people worldwide were living with HIV or AIDS, and by 1997 22 million. The number of estimated infected people continues to drastically jump to 33 million by 2007. This is a very brief history in truthfulness every year there has been some type of progress with these diseases, but to date there is still no cure. (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Based on the studies from the 2011 HIV prevalence and

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