Hiv / Aids ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Human Immune Deficiency )

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This papers provides a brief introduction to the topic of HIV/AIDS, (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Human Immune Deficiency) from its early appearance as a deadly communicable disease that causes a viral infection in humans. During the 1960’s the infection was largely due to unprotected sex; the victims contracted the disease mostly due to unprotected sexual contacts from others who already had the virus. It became an epidemic and even pandemic. Those infected eventually died from HIV/AIDS as it came to be known, and there was no known treatment that could lead to cure. Only palliative (supportive) care was of any help and mostly to deal with the severe symptoms of fever, cold sweats and pain, and vulnerability to infection with not enough immunity to survive. As a virus, there was no cure, only palliative (supportive care). Eventually, the rising death in this country toll led to such concern and even panic at times, that concerted effort by the scientific community and the nation led to some knowledge to at least be able to treat the symptoms, if not the disease. The death toll rose and a certain amount of panic did too. Eventually, many years later, there were medical discoveries to treat the symptoms so that a prolonged life span began to be possible in certain cases even if the person remained HIV+. There is still no cure for HIV but with early and modern care those with the disease can live a mostly usual lifespan if not too debilitated. An attempt…
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