Hiv / Aids Infection And Design Ways And Methodologies Towards Reducing The Rate Of Infection Of The Population

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HIV is a human immune virus while AIDS is acquired immunity-deficiency syndrome. From sampling, I chose HIV/AIDS to be my topic of research, based on the magnitude of the rate of infection and spread of the disease given that it is relative to behavioral and social relations of people. This topic is controversial in the sense that it 's one of the major factors responsible for the underdevelopment of most of the nations in the world. The purpose of the research and study was to identify the rate of HIV/AIDS infection and design ways and methodologies towards reducing the rate of infection of the population. The study is also aimed at providing a detailed analysis of available studies on the effects of AIDs. It was also to investigate…show more content…
How to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic/ Intervention programs
Sex education
Sex education should be provided to all, especially the young generation so that they get to learn about ways of preventing them and reduce chances of them contracting the disease. By giving them sex education, it enables them to take care of their bodies.
Peer counseling
This is also another method of preventing the likelihood for the spread of HIV/AIDS. This one helps to withdraw negative peer pressure, which may mislead and lead others to carry out irresponsible sexual behavior
Adoption of safe sex practices It’s advisable for people to practice safe sex. This will lead to prevention of the exchange of body and virginal fluids and this increases chances of getting infections. Research has it that oral sex is much less risky than anal or vaginal sex (Balmer, 1993). Anal sex is the most risky type of sex for the spread of HIV
Sexual abstinence Abstinence is the best method in which one can prevent the spread of a disease. Here the married couples are advised to remain faithful in their relationships and for the unmarried people to abstain from sexual activities until marriage.
Immigration regulation
There should be in place policies regulating migration from one region to another, especially in war torn areas where we have refugee camps. These cases led to evils like rape and other sexual activities with aliens or people from different regions whose status is unknown, hence
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