Hiv/Aids Pandemic in Liberia

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HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC: “Its Social Ramifications and Impacts on the Liberian Society”


Perhaps the most life-threatening, incurable but preventive disease to the human race is the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and the awareness and understanding of its social ramifications and impacts on the Liberian society is paramount.

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There are appendices attached which conclusions. I must acknowledge and appreciate the Government of Liberia through the NACP for allowing me access to materials that support this report. Not also forgetting my course lecturer, Mr Peter D.N. Duncan, MSc. in Education, for providing theoretical and moral guidance throughout the assignment period. I hope this paper has met its objective as the topic depicts. provide statistical data that support my analysis and


Khalipha M. Bility, Ph.D., Program Manager, NACP Annual HIV and AIDS Review 2007-2008, pp. 2

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HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC: “Its Social Ramifications and Impacts on the Liberian Society”

The historical accounts and facts of the discovery of the HIV/AIDS virus in Liberia can be traced as far as in 1986 when the first diagnosis was made at Curran Lutheran Hospital in Lofa. Since that time, not much realistic and reliable statistics and information had been made available. The Government of Liberia had only responded with the establishment of the National AIDS and STIs Control Programme (NACP) in 2001. This agency has got the statutory mandate of national oversight responsibility of all cases relating to the dreadful disease. To date, Liberia is diagnosed of three types of the pandemic: HIV-1, HIV-2, and the combination of both (HIV-1&2). Incidences of HIV/AIDS cases in Liberia, from 1986 to 1997,
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