Hiv/ Aids a Comparision Between Gujarat and Maharastra

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Compare and contrast of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programme between Gujarat and Maharashtra states in India

India has a serious health problem with Hiv/AIDS. In 2006, 3.1 million people were living with the virus, according to NACO( The National Aids Control Organisation). In 2006, the 15-44 age group had a HIV prevalence of 0.28%, so 1.7 million people were HIV positive in India at that time. 1986 witnessed the first case then by 1990 it had assumed epidemic proportions. Today HIV positive numbers in India are the second highest in the world
This essay will compare the HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gujrat has below 5% prevalence rate among high risk groups and less than 1% in the
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People received the knowledge of the all the activities and services available for HIV prevention and care. Condom promotion was one part of this exhibition. In this way in the absence of the Adolescences education Programme, people were able to obtain the vital information for the first time to use condoms for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS. Currently, there are 6 A.R.T. (antiretroviral therapy) centres in the state at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mehsana, Bhavnagar, and two in Surat. Figures obtained in December 2008 show that 22,837 patients were registered at the six A.R.T. centres of these 12,257 had started treatment and 8,011 patients were still alive and on A.R.T. A further three A.R.T. centres are being set up in their state. Gujarat is the first state in India to pioneer the idea of Link A.R.T. centres. 14 have been established so far. These are designed to provide optimum service for those on A.R.T. who are below poverty line and live at a considerable distance from an A.R.T. centre.
An Examination of The ART centre at the BJ Medical College shows that the centre includes senior and junior medical officers, technicians along with counsellors and nurses. Medical officers in the ART centre examine the patients and suggest drug treatment for ART which are distributed from the centre to the patients

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