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It is hard to think of a place that HIV and AIDS is more drastic in Africa than in the Sub-Saharan part of Africa. Whereas, you hear that HIV AND AIDS is common in low and middle income countries and Sub-Saharan Africa in one of them. Uganda and South Africa is recognized for having the largest population of people living with HIV and AIDS. Most project, conference or debaters have visualized that the reasons for the widespread of HIV and AIDS is sexual transmission and infection. Most people do not realize that the increase in the widespread of HIV and AIDS in the Sub-Saharan Africa is lack of awareness, lean on cultural and religious belief, dissension of scientific community, and deprivation of political responsibility. Making a perception of a disease reduces the widespread of the disease or create awareness on solution to solve the diseases. In South Africa, the awareness of HIV and AIDS is very low as half of the population do not have a clear view on the causes of HIV and AIDS and other means of prevention. They do not have a knowledge of what HIV or AIDS is, why it happens, how it happens and how it can be prevented which can lead to more widespread. In South Africa, HIV was viewed as a curse or even an act of punishment. The South African denied creating awareness for AIDS because of the power of knowledge compared to power based in politics, not wanting their political governance to be overruled by the knowledge of the western world.

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