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Ofcource you have heard about HIV and AIDS many times, but many of you don 't know the basics about them.
AIDS is the abbreviation of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
AIDS is caused by a virus named HIV. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Its mechanism of action is that it breaks down the immune system i.e. our body 's natural defence system against disease. HIV make people so deficient in immunity that even minor quantity and weak oganisms become capable to cause disease easily which can never effect normal human beings.
Before going into the details of AIDS, let me tell you about immune system. Basically our immune system consist of some killer cells and chemicals. These chemicals are antibodies which detect and combine with any foreign bacteria or cell. Killer cells identify any foreign cells or germs and thus eat them up. These cells are neutrophills and lymphocytes (white blood cells).
A person may get HIV but may not show any symptom because it remain inactive in bone marrow for many years and grows and spread to other sites slowly slowly. As bone marrow is involved in the production of white blood cells so it destroys their ability to produce lymphocytes drasticaly causing many cancers and infections to grow freely and rapidly.

According to a survey, more than 980,000 cases of AIDS have been reported to the U.S government uptill now. In the United States about 40,000 women and men catch AIDS each year.

Symptoms Of AIDS
AIDS patient usually

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