Hiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids

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Josh Wang
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Global Fund Project Assignment #7
Country: Uganda
Disease: HIV/AIDS

1.) Provide a brief introduction to your overall plan and strategy for this proposal.

Uganda used to be one of the most prevalent cases of HIV with around 18.5% being infected in 1992 to its lowest rate of 6.4% in 2005 . Even though the HIV rate is increasing at certain rates amongst adults Uganda has done a good job of keeping the HIV prevalence at a generalized rate. This stems from Uganda recovering from numerous political strife and a civil war which left many orphaned and dead. Now that Uganda is regaining its political stability, it has turned its attention to the HIV problem in the country with the president of Uganda creating a commitment program designed to combat HIV, noting its deadliness. Through government and international organizations efforts, the prevalence of HIV total has only lead up to 7.4% of the total population. This results in around 1.4 million Ugandan’s infected with HIV/AIDs with around 190,000 children being infected as well . But although most Ugandan’s have equal access to HIV testing and counselling there are a certain most-at-risk population group that has a high prevalence of HIV. They are the sex industry and homosexuals. Through the resources of the Global Fund, this proposal aims to answer that question of why HIV is so prevalent amongst sex workers and homosexuals by looking at the recent spread of the HIV/AIDs virus and to go further and…

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