Hiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids Essay

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Women with drug addictions has conclusively linked with HIV/ AIDS since this epidemic has started. HIV is the acronym for human immunodeficiency virus and it causes the immune system to become weak. As a result, this causes the body to be terrible at protecting itself against diseases and other viruses. HIV causes damage by harming the immune cells in the body. The immune cells it affects are called CD4 positive (CD4+) T cells, which are vital for fighting infections in the body. HIV metamorphose the CD4+T cells into little factories that cause the production of more of the virus to destroy other healthy cells, which eventually destroys the CD4+ T cells. When a person has less than 200 in cell count, the patient diagnosed with the disease AIDS. HIV/AIDS and its link to drugs is involved when risky behaviors are involved when transmitting or contracting the deadly disease. Since AIDS is not cure-able, prevention of transmission can be avoided is very important to understand in sexual education. Some treatments and therapies are given to drug abusers, which aid these goals of sexual education. The immune system weakens when the T cells are lost and as a result, a person becomes more subject to infections and common illnesses, to help slow this process down, special medicine is distributed to the person infected with the virus. Some medicines and remedies are given to HIV patients to help lower the risk of transmission and advancement of the disease. In addition, it helps

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