Hiv And Aids News And Updates : New Strain Of Hiv

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Our chosen article is titled “HIV and AIDS News and Updates: New Strain of HIV Found in Cuba Which Can Develop Into a Full-Blown AIDS in a Span of Only 3 Years” written by Steff Lyn Smetham. It was published on November 5th, 2015 on the Crossmap online website. The article was written to inform the readers on a newly discovered strain of HIV, which develops faster than the average known types of HIV. This article mentioned many recently studied concepts including, the rate of disease progression, CRF19’s involvement in the AID’s rapid progression (AID’s-RP), the adverse effects of RANTES defense molecules, and proper HIV treatment. The general consensus is that the average rate of disease progression takes approximately 5 to 10 years to progress into AIDS, however, it is quite complicated to pinpoint the rate due to many factors. Based on many clinical studies done with a diverse group of patients in Cuba, CRF19 has shown to be one of the main recombinant subtype responsible for AIDs-RP. In addition, CCL5 and CCL2 of the RANTES family, have proven to be two specific chemokines that display the adverse effects . Finally, regardless of CD4+ count, treatment should be started immediately preferably with the common therapies Isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) and Co-trimoxazole preventive therapy (CPT). The authors have used information through studies being done at the University of Leuven located in Belgium, and Professor Anne-Mieke Vandamme and a team

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