Hiv And The Hiv Epidemic

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The AIDS epidemic, from its beginning, has elicited a variety of responses from individuals and governments alike. Because the disease was originally shrouded in such mystery, many did not know how to react, which fostered a default fear of the unknown response. This attitude lead to many governments adopting a denialist policy, countless individuals living and eventually dying alone due to an unwillingness to report their illness for fear of consequence or prejudice, and this allowed the HIV virus flourish. Several countries responded efficiently and effectively to the presence of the HIV virus in their midst, while other countries maintained an attitude of ignorance. The latter position contributed to a huge expanse of the HIV epidemic…show more content…
Since this original effort, the Brazilian government has adopted several policies that have greatly advanced the treatment of HIV-positive citizens, reduced stigmatization, and guaranteed funding and access to medication to all those in need. The Brazilian Ministry of Health (MoH) established the Brazilian National AIDS Program (NAP) in 1986 with a focus on prevention, universal care and treatment, and the protection of human rights. Civilian societies continue to be actively involved in advocating for their individual rights as citizens and toward the advancement of Brazilian society as a whole. In the past seven years, mortality rates due to AIDS in Brazil have fallen by 50 percent. The Sistema Único de Saude (SUS), established in 1990, is Brazil’s nationwide healthcare policy, which 80 percent of the citizens depend on for healthcare. SUS provides completely free healthcare to all Brazilian citizens and foreigners. Its four founding principles are: universal access, integral care, social control, and public funding. The social control aspect of SUS allows citizens to collaborate with members of all governmental levels: at local, state, and national stages, and participate in Public Health Counsels. Over 120,000 people across Brazil serve on these counsels, creating a much different environment toward HIV/AIDS in Brazil than much of

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