Hiv Case Study

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From the first research on Research on uptake, use and effectiveness of PrEP for HIV negative persons with partners living with HIV, the following is a summary is a summary of the results obtained. Descriptive statistics was used to summarize the traits of the couples and trends of PrEP use. The total number of couples that were deployed for this study were n=1010. A considerable number of couples showed characteristics that were in line with having a high risk of HIV transmission, that is, 41%(n=414)of the couples living with HIV/AIDS had plasma HIV RNA concentration of >50000copies/ml and 65%(n=657) reported to having not used condoms during sex in the previous months. More than half of the couples (66.7% n=674) had HIV- negative male…show more content…
When PrEP was not dispensed partners living with HIV and did not engage in sex activity were reported to be 46.6%. About 26.1% of the time when PrEP was not used was due to factors which included pregnancy or abnormal serum creatine measurement. Those that did not use PrEP due to participant decision were 24.8%.
In a sample of 140 participants who were selected for TFV quantification after PrEP was dispensed, 81% (n=113) had TFV detected. Data from MEMS indicated consistency with high adherence. According to the pharmacy pill counts,87% and 96% of the bottles had more than 80% and 50% respectively of the expected doses taken.
It was estimated that 80.7 incident infections were expected in the absence of the interventions deployed. This resulted in a 4.75 per 100 person-years incidence. It was found out that the intervention was highly effective in all the categories examined that is effectiveness =93%,p<0.0001,those that were HIV negative and were less than 25 years effectiveness was 94% and couples with partners living with HIV and HIV RNA≥50000 copies/ml at baseline the effectiveness was 95% with a p value of 0.0001.

A statistical summary constituted from the research describing antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV-1 prevention among heterosexual men and women is as below.
The total sample size was n=4758: these were the couples enrolled for the study and from this
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