Hiv Vs Lung Cancer Research Paper

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It’s not worth your precious life, protect yourself and you shall live longer.

People should be careful of the choices they make. One day you may ruin your life

forever , two of the most common sicknesses are HIV and Lung Cancer. HIV and Lung

cancer are similar but different in many ways because of how its contracted, prevented ,

and its treatments.

Human immunodeficiency virus commonly known as HIV can be contracted in

many ways sex, needles, or even after birth through breast feeding. Having unprotected

sex if one of the main causes of having HIV. A person can go without it being detected for

up to ten years with HIV hidden in their bodies. It doesn’t matter what type of sex

whether it’s oral or from your genitals. You can contract this incurable virus when body

fluids such as
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may be used to make the cancer smaller and easier to remove. After you may feel

shortness of breath or bleeding and infection. There aren’t any pro’s to having lung

cancer so do NOT smoke.

Although lung cancer may seem hard to avoid, there are many ways to prevent it.

You can research strategies and methods that can prevent you from smoking. Another

way you can prevent lung cancer is avoiding secondhand smoke. If you are by a person

or people who are smoking remove yourself from the area or ask them to put it out. Last

but not least keep a healthy diet eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Other ways are to get

the vitamins you need rather than pill form.

Many people in this world don’t know the life threatening affect of these illnesses.

HIV and lung cancer is not something to play with. It is very easy to contract but very

difficult to get rid of. Now that you have further knowledge about HIV and Lung Cancer,

you know how it is contracted, prevented, and its treatments. You only have one like to

like so enjoy it and try not to make careless
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