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2/17/2016 HLSC12O: SOCIETY, CULTURE AND HEALTH Lecture One: Introduction Introductions Teaching staff: Please check your campus unit outline Unit Outline: Learning outcomes Assessment Content Group introduction and activity Assessment tasks Assessment Task Word length Weight (or equiv) Teamwork: Student Seminar 20‐25 mins 20% Written Exam 2,000 words 40% Reflective Writing Assignment 1,750 words 40% 1 2/17/2016 Topics for Today • A sociological approach and the sociological imagination • Biomedical model • Globalisation and health After this session you will be able to.....  Explain basic features of a sociological approach to health and illness  Describe the key…show more content…
Sociology: Some guiding principles Social exploration of health – Group & individual experiences – Unique, individual factors of health/illness BUT also shared, social factors Medical knowledge, practice, & technology – Often constructed as THE TRUTH, without reference to the historical and cultural development of medicine ‐ sociology critiques what is meant by TRUTH. Health is socially shaped – What is means to be healthy or ill shifts between generations and within generations; across cultures and within cultures 3 2/17/2016 Identifying a sociological approach Key features of a sociological approach: Social distribution and production of health patterns of health and illness eg gender, class, age Social construction of health defining and meanings of health and illness Social organisation of health social processes to manage health and illness eg power; which health services receive funding priority etc., ‘who does what and to whom’ “The first wisdom of sociology is this: things are not what they seem” (Berger 1963) http://archiv.watzlawickehrenring.at/2008/peter‐l‐berger/fotos.html Berger, P. (1963). Invitation to Sociology, Bantam Doubleday Dell cited in: http://www.soc.iastate.edu/sapp/Berger.html: date accessed 12 January 2016. Key Concept: The sociological imagination C. Wright Mills: “ …enables its possessor to understand the

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