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According to my experiences, as an Indonesian, I lived in the city, so the health quality and services are more available for everyone. However, if I compare between city and country side, I can see much difference between them. In the country side, many people suffer and died from inadequate of health care systems. Furthermore, there are another reasons for this, for example lack of facilities and equipment to do operation or surgery and also can be low income cause some people tend to stay at home rather than go to city to spend much money to get a better treatment . On the other hand, in the city, there are many hospitals and also have full of equipment to do big operation. Yet, they tend to have bad lifestyle diseases such as obesity,…show more content…
As I have mentioned above that health systems are important to people’s health. The World Health Report 2000 define three objectives for the health systems: improving the health of the population they serve; responding to people’s expectations; and providing financial protection against the costs of ill-health. Furthermore, it attempts to assess the average level of attainment of a given objective and its distribution across the population. This follows a growing interest in equity, making it an essential element of performance. These objectives and measures will be discussed. For the first measure, the health status of a population would be measured by an average, such as life expectancy or infant mortality as well as the range of life expectancy across subgroups within a population. The focus of many national health systems has been on service delivery, with the majority of a health system’s budget being taken up by recurrent costs, particularly staff salaries. Creating resources refers to investment in health care infrastructure and training of health professionals, which is commonly undertaken by the public sector, though some middle-income countries have large private sectors that include medical schools and high technology facilities with private financing. Service provision has traditionally been the main role of health systems, but this is increasingly being

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