Hlsc120: Society, Culture and Health

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HLSC120: Society, Culture and Health
Reflective Learning & Writing Proforma (Example Only) for Assessment 2 – Reflective Learning & Writing – 30% weighting – 1,500 words

Due Date: 12 midday, 26 March 2012 (Monday)

[This proforma is available on LEO as a Word document for your use in completing this assessment task.]

Use this proforma to organise your response to the reflective assessment task. Use the steps as headings and write in paragraphs below the headings. This is not an essay task. All your sources should be referenced using APA style.
Step 1:
Carefully choose one question from the Reflective Learning and Writing section of eModule 1 or 2 to guide your reflection. Write the question here:

Why do poor countries
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I have also found discrimination for people within HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in my society because of lack of education. Furthermore, I also used to provide education as a health professional. I found it is effective for prevention of infectious diseases in case of socio-economic condition of people in Nepal where they have difficulty to access health care system and resources. In Nepal, we still believe in traditional treatment. Most people still use traditional medicine instead of using biomedicine of Western societies. “Unlike in the Australian context, in many poorer countries biomedicine is not the primary source of health care” (WHO as cited in Germov 2009, p.75).This may be due to unavailability of health care services in little distance. In contrast, I have found lifestyle health problems in Australia such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. Lifestyle behaviour is more likely to influence peoples’ health such as diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol and other drugs (Germov, 2009). I think it is exactly true as I have seen in modern Australian society that most of people are smoking and drinking alcohol which is affecting society in many ways, causing road traffic accidents and property damage. I think most people in Australia like to have junk food and go out for meals because of their busy life which can cause obesity. To examine why it is caused? I think it is a good idea to use social imagination to describe the different

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