Hmbr, Bangladesh

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1. Introduction: HMBR is one of the famous names in the business world. It has achieved its fame for its classic quality and for the maintenance of individuality in the trading and manufacturing world of Bangladesh since its arrival in 1984. It has imported and manufactured necessary hand tools, chemicals and household products for satisfying need. HMBR has introduced advanced technology from Japan, Korea and China, and thus have adopted the best production base for their chemical products. They intend to place high emphasis on product quality; as such they regard their reputation as the most important asset when selling in the market. Their mission statement is "persistence, dedication and quality". They are capable of offering…show more content…
HMBR basically transports to three main areas. It transports its products to local dealers of sanitary ware, household tools shops, and carpentry shops. This is of course where most of their distribution is focused on because they are their biggest customers. Next packaging materials which are also made in the facility are shipped to other companies and outlets who sell other products using that packaging. Lastly shipment is also given to their very own local retail division. After receiving the list from the pantry and the goods are sent down for shipment, he gives list to the delivery personnel, explains where to go and how to get there, makes sure they fully understand there duty and then sends them on their way. The delivery team have at their disposal 4 large delivery vans and 3 rickshaw vans which are the means by which the products are distributed. Of course the 3 rickshaw vans are for the short distances and the automobiles are for the large distances. Distribution of goods takes place everyday but not necessarily to the same places, usually each customer orders weekly. Target Markets Target market for HMBR in general can be broken down into the subdivisions of the products or services they provide. Firstly the tools and household products that they import as well as the products they produce are firstly targeting the dealers of sanitary ware, household tool shops, and carpentry shops. From their retail outlet perspective
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