Hmong Culture Analysis

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The last group within the Hmong culture to be considered as a population at risk are the families living back in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. In particular, living conditions are very poor in Laos (Hmong 2012). In a typical village, there are many houses bundled together that are usually “small, with dirt floors, bamboo walls, and thatch roofs made from bundles of grass” (Hmong 2012). In these homes, there are not any utilities or bathrooms, the home serves as a basic place to sleep and cook. Food is not even cooked in a kitchen, “an open hearth is used for cooking” (Hmong 2012). Also there are pigs, cows, and other forms of wildlife that roam the village. There is also very limited access to health care within their villages too (Hmong 2010).
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