Hmong Culture : Influences On A European American Society

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The Hmong Culture: Influences in a European American Society
The Hmong people do not call any one country home, but have relocated several times throughout history due to war and political oppression. An article published in the Journal of Multicultural counseling and Development finds that the Hmong primarily lived in Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. They had a great impact in helping western forces during the Vietnam War, and wars in Laos in efforts to end Communism. The article continues and describes how many tried to escape from Laos; those that survived settled in refugee camps that had terrible living conditions. (Tatman, 2004). Although the Hmong are diffused around the world, their distinct cultural traditions and customs create a strong cultural identity. After discussing of the traditions and social customs of the Hmong culture learned through two different interviews, the cultural traditions and social customs will be compared and contrasted with European-American culture, and will be concluded with the impact that Hmong culture has on today’s society.
Traditions and Social Customs of the Hmong
Family is one of the most important aspects of life in Hmong culture. An interview with L. Yang, a 52 year-old Hmong man who lived in Thailand for the first forty years of his life supports this assertion. He expressed that Hmong people prioritize the needs of their family before the needs of the individual (personal communication, November 16, 2014). Hmong people value
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