Hmong Vs. Hmong Language

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For many years now, Hmong clan leaders have felt that the Hmong language is slowly deteriorating throughout newer generations. First, it began with the writing, and then it slowly advanced to the loss of speaking the language altogether. The loss of this beautiful, perishing language hasn’t slowed down as the English language continues to globally dominate the world. I have watched this dispute occur throughout my life as distant relatives question my parent’s way of raising my siblings and I too not speak Hmong, therefore creating tension within my sense of self, and culture.
Imagine being a child, and not being able to communicate with your grandparents in what is labeled, the native tongue. Growing up in a traditional-to-modernized
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However, alternating between Hmong and English at school confused this crowd of people I went to school with, thus creating a boulder of stereotypes of the Hmong language. In fifth grade, it was my first time I ever heard, “Do you speak Chinese?” Trying to be in an environment where learning and diversity should be welcome it only confused my sense of self because now I felt that I couldn’t express who I am at school in words that could’ve been explained properly in Hmong. This idea that alternating between languages can produce stereotypes of one’s culture made me aware of how I can speak to others in the public.
For some time, I had no opinion on preserving the Hmong language. I believed if the eighteen Hmong clan leaders were going to do something about, then they will. Neb hais tias vim kuv tsis hais lus hmoob kuv tsis muas suab nrov qhia tig neeg kuv xav dabtsi tias. This changed when my family decided to move out of my grandparent’s house in 2011 to North Minneapolis, Minnesota. When we moved, it just felt like the whole world became whole again. In the beginning, I attended Hmong International Academy to finish my middle school years with no hopes gaining anything from this academy, however, this being a charter Hmong school it was required for all students attending to take Hmong language classes, and like a flower blooming in the Spring I came back alive with
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