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Students can print this template prior to viewing the online Video Lesson. These are the same questions found online! You only need to watch each video and select the best of the multiple choice options you feel best answer each question.

1. For Chapter 1, you will need to watch the videos listed in order to answer the following five multiple choice questions. Which of the following statements is not true?

All types of businesses touch our lives every day.

We influence business by the buying decisions we make.

We choose one firm's products over another’s because the selected products fulfill our needs.
An entrepreneur is guaranteed success if she or he can come up with a good idea for a business.

When we buy a firm's products,
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Empowering corporate managers to make decisions or local stores.

Having top management respond to customer complaints.

Continually stocking new products for customers to try.

8. Kodak's closed-loop recycling program for Funsaver single-use cameras

pays photofinishers to send excess materials to a central landfill.

Raises company costs but reduces land pollution

Is a legal requirement imposed on makers of disposable products.

Reimburses consumers for the cost of product disposal.
Cuts costs because recycled materials are cheaper than new.

9. As shown in the video, New Belgium Brewing follows the socioeconomic model of social responsibility by

Emphasizing exploitation of natural resources over the quality of life.

Putting the community's interests before profitability.

Being actively involved in governmental and academic affairs.
Balancing economic and social returns.

Focusing on internal decision without regard for the community.

10. To meet its social responsibility, New Belgium Brewing is

preparing a code of ethics for employees.
Donating one dollar to charitable causes for every barrel of beer.

Respecting the six basic consumer rights.

Combating caveat emptor

Providing, opportunities for employees to behave more ethically.

11. For Chapter 3, you will need to watch the video case titled "The Global Saga of Subway" in order to answer the following five multiple

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