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In this essay I am going to talk about the five stages of life and also demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the theories of Erikson and Maslow. I am going to apply these theories to a member of the madga family from the case study. There are five stages that we all go through in our life, theses stages are; * Infancy * Childhood * Adolescence * Young Adulthood * Late Adulthood Each of these stages has an expected milestone that most people will achieve; it is not set in stone that you must achieve each milestone by the set age. Life span development should be considered as a gradual unfolding of developmental events. (HNC Social Care page 75).each stage of the development is broken down into 5 strands of…show more content…
Mr MacDonald’s life has taken a dramatic turn and he now has to come to terms with the changes and learn to live with them. He has to look back on his career and realise his achievements and that taking early retirement does not cancel out those achievements, he also has to look back at his parenting and accept that he has done his best with his family and cannot be responsible for how his daughter’s life turned out. Mr MacDonald would benefit from having some counselling sessions so he can talk through these issues and begin to resolve, Mr Macdonald could also attend family counselling sessions with his daughter to allow him to help her. Erikson claims that “positive resolution results in the individual developing a virtue “(HNC Social Care Page 78) “Maslow’s theory is about motivation, without motivation we do very little” (Hnc Social Care page 86). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has eight levels with each level having to be achieved before we can move on. Maslow would say that Mr Macdonald should be at the self actualisation stage of his life, Mr. Macdonald is now back at stage 1 as his basic needs are not being met, as he is the sole carer for his wife Mr Macdonald is not getting enough sleep, Maslow would argue that for Mr. MacDonald to move on from stage 1 he will have to resolve this issue. Mr Macdonald will have to ask for help in caring for his wife to

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