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Providing a therapeutic activity for a patient in long term care Health Care: Graded Unit 1 F0KF 34 March 2012 Contents Introduction Page 3 Planning Stage Page 4-9 Development Stage Page 10-13 Introduction As part of my Higher National Certificate course in healthcare I am required to provide evidence of achieving the following principle aims in the form of a graded unit; * Knowledge, theory and practice in a variety of health care settings * A broad range of specialised vocational knowledge and skills, involving recent developments and specialisms * Have an individual patient focus in my practice * Develop reflective practice * Promote career progression and…show more content…
Even if a person with dementia can no longer make complex decisions, it is likely that they can make more basic decisions. Every effort should be made to get their input wherever possible. Once the person with dementia begins to lose capacity it is important that their carer and/or health care professionals are consulted and involved in decision making. This method is called the multidisciplinary approach. Macmillan Cancer Support (2012) describe a multidisciplinary team (MDT) as a group of doctors and other health professionals with expertise in a specific cancer, who together discuss and manage an individual patient’s care, planning the best treatment for the individual patient. Rosa’s condition has not only affected her life physically but also psychologically. Over time she has become depressed as she feels ‘stuck in hospital all day and a burden on family and staff’. Psychological theories provide evidence-based explanations for why people think, behave, and feel the way they do. The cognitive explanation of depression originated with Seligman, he developed the theory of learned helplessness and attributions. The impact of learned helplessness has been demonstrated in a number of different animal species, but

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