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Graded Unit Development Stage Contents Category | Page | | | Introduction | 3 | Terms Of Reference | 5 | Micro and Macro Influences | 6 | Segmentation and Targeting | 8 | Market Plan ProductPricePlacePromotion | 10111112 | Conclusion | 13 | Recommendation | 14 | Bibliography | 15 | Appendix 1 | 17 | Appendix 2 | 20 | Introduction Scott Snacks Limited (SSL) is a private limited company that manufactures and markets “Muckle Chips”. The company is owned and managed by Scott Mackie. He fashioned this product when he recognised that there was a gap in the market for “for one” size bags of their crisps, and that his product could do well in this marketplace. SSL have a small factory in Scotland, outside…show more content…
* Newly renovated, modern factory Weaknesses * Rising cost base (council rates etc) * Declining sales and profits Opportunities Sales in the snack market overall have increased, which could lead to more sales. It also means that SSL have an opportunity to create new, innovative products in a growing market, and to fill any gaps that arise, such as new healthier options snacks. Creating diverse types of products will mean that the company does not have to rely on one particular product, which will cut much of their risks. Scott has his father available for raw materials, and nearby road and rail links mean that he is well placed for acquiring the resources needed for forming a new product, and for reaching a countrywide market. Although the recession has hit the economy, people are now trying to save money by having “nights in”. This is an opportunity for business in the snack industry to take advantage of. Threats Government campaigns to inform people of the dangers of a high-fat diet have caused the public to recognise that they need to watch what they eat, since unhealthy foods can lead to heart disease and obesity, as well as a myriad of other health problems. This has lead to an increase in the sales of healthy substitutes for fatty foods. Muckle chips are high in fat, and although

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